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Viau Area of Montreal’s Olympic Park: the project is officially launched


The Viau entrance to the Olympic Park is located on the site bordered by Pierre-de Coubertin Avenue, the Viau metro station, the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium, the Montreal Biodome and the Olympic Stadium.

Since the 1976 Olympic Games, modifications made on site have resulted in a series of fragmented locations, not a coherent whole.

The site is currently characterized by an amalgam of pedestrian, automobile, bicycle, delivery and bus routes.  The new project aims to redefine the area by developing a large urban park that benefits pedestrians and cyclist alike.  The composition of the public space is inspired by the genius loci of the place and will allow visitors to circulate and appreciate the space in a more intuitive and safe manner.

The planting of one hundred trees, the greening of a large area with native plants, the integration of bioretention strategies and the addition of urban furniture are some of the elements that will make this site a place for Montrealers and tourists alike.

The scale of the Viau entrance to the Olympic Park raises the challenge of scale.  On the one hand, the intervention must respect the Olympic and modernist spirit of the site, with its buildings set on a large concrete surface and spaces capable of welcoming large crowds during major events.  On the other hand, the development must be at the scale of day to day users, allowing local residents to appropriate the space and use as a local park.

Strategies for circulation and the creation of several spaces with multiple scales and atmospheres allow for the creation of a flexible place that will meet the expectations of all.

The new water playground will delight children and serve as a place of refreshment and contemplation.

Drawing on the signature approach of the office, the project is inspired by the genius loci of the site.  The main axes are a reinterpretation of the original layout.  All interventions respect the spirit of the intentions of Roger Tailibert, architect of the Olympic Stadium and velodrome.

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